Fancon 2017 – Cosplayers Under 1 Flash – Zoiks

The Cosplay at this year’s Fancon2017 were a grand affair. We took a trip down Cape Town’s promenade to the CTICC to capture them in their element.

Since I started the Cos We Play Project in 2014 the community keeps growing and maturing. I am sure our celebrity guest’s Calssara and Kinpatsucosplay would agree.

As has become our “Under 1 Flash” convention, I underexpose the image so that a single flash is the only light source.

On the horizon we have a fancon2017-video coming up where we asked the question “have you ever been harassed in cosplay?”. This has been a topical discussion in South Africa and I am sure the international community grapples with this daily.

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Cosplayers Under One Flash – rAge 2016

The Cosplayers of Africa made incredible journeys, from the beaches of Maputo to the catwalks of Durban, in order to attend this year’s Really Awesome Gaming Expo (#rAge2016).

We made our own journey from Cape Town, with trusty flash and cameras inhand. We hope you enjoy this latest series.

Cos We Play Project: Documenting the lives of South African Cosplayers




Cos We Play Project: Documenting the lives of South African Cosplayers

Cos We Play Project Features on Release the Geek Podcast

Cos We Play sat down with Geek XP‘s Les Allen to talk about the project and how it started. It was an exciting experience to be on the other side of the interview. 🙂

Episode 81: Cosplay Photo Geekery with Jay Caboz!


“Jay Caboz is an award winning South African photojournalist and covert geek, although his side photography project will surely remove the ‘covert’ tag for good. While Jay’s day job is working for Forbes Africa Magazine, a passion of Jay’s is the Cos We Play Project – a photographic study of the growing trend of Cosplay in South Africa, and the stories of the cosplayers themselves.”

“We sat down to chat with Jay about a range of topics including his path to geekdom, how he moved from photography into journalism and why he enjoys the stories of cosplayers so much.”


Meido of Legends – A-Maid-sing cosplayers of EGE2016

Meido Legends! EGE was a great weekend full of gaming and cosplay madness, The cosplayers were few but absolutely great quality cosplays that were a pleasure to shoot! Thank you to the beautiful ladies and gentlemen who made this video come to life!

Cos We Play Project Documenting the lives of South African Cosplayers



40 ‘iconic’ ICON2016 Cosplayers

Over three days, ICON2016 flew by in the chill winter of Johannesburg. But, the reception was warm as hundreds of geeks lined the halls of the Gallagher Convention Centre. A sure sign that the cosplay community is growing and garnering popularity at gaming conventions in Africa.

Thank you to all the Cosplayers who gave up their time to strike a pose. Please note this blog excludes those who made it into the top 10 of the cosplay competition – we have something special in store for them.


Judging FanCon 2016 a Baka Sakura Cosumentary

It’s been an intense week at home base, where Caryn has been frantically editing away at our latest Cosumentary – yes I just coined that phrase.

Keir Nathaniel Timm – Dr Doom (Winner of the Cosplay Competition)

We went behind the scenes with the much loved Baka Sakura in the build up to FANCON 2016 held in Cape Town
Baka gave us valuable insight into the world of being a judge in cosplay competitions as well as the contentious issues of sexy cosplays; harassment at conventions; the important elements to building cosplays; and what makes South African cosplay unique.
Baka’s video is a must view in this ever growing culture.
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Baka Sakura prepares for FanCon 2016

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13 cosplays that I can’t get out my head from Fancon 2016

Fancon 2016 has come and gone and what a cracker it was. We hope you enjoy our music video featuring the weird and wonderful muggle lives of Cape Town cosplayers.

I was impressed with the turnout of this year’s Fancon2016. I wish I could have taken more photographs, but Caryn and I were focusing on creating a documentary as well as the above music video.

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Rock out, with your Croft out – Lisa Hendricks is Tomb Raider

Lisa Hendricks_JC-2

Lisa Hendricks cosplaying Lara Croft from Tomb Raider photo by Cos We Play

Cosplayer: Lisa Hendricks

Location: The skyline of Cape Town city bowl

Character: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider — see the full gallery here

Photographer: Cos We Play

It’s time to rock out with your Croft out. That’s right viewers, 21 year old film student Lisa Hendricks is our 31st cosplyer to be featured on Cos We Play. The gaming fan chose the leading lady of the the Tomb Raider series in a styling home made Tokyo cocktail dress and matching leather gun holster.

We popped off to the skyline of Cape Town’s city bowl to find some cool locations to reenact this badass babe.


Hellava Hellgirl Cosplay

Cat's Tail Cosplay as Hellgirl (genderbend Hellboy) Photograph by Cos We Play

Cat’s Tail Cosplay as Hellgirl (genderbend Hellboy) Photograph by Cos We Play

Cosplayer: Cat’s Tail Cosplay

Location:The St Stithians Boys College Church, Sandton, South Africa
Character: Hellboy gender bender as Hellgirl
Photographer: Cos We Play
Check out her photos here
When I first saw Cat’s Tail Cosplay‘s gender bend Hellgirl, an idea popped into my head. I thought how could bring out the most in this character?
What stood out was that Hellgirl was a genderbend cosplay. Something I hadn’t featured before. So I asked Cat’s Tail to explain it a bit more:
“Genderbend cosplay is when you take a character that is the opposite sex to yourself and cosplay them as your sex i.e taking a male character and making them female or a female character making them male. This can be done buy changing the designs of the characters to suit the new gender, or by keeping the original design and just having longer hair.”
“I think gendbends can fall within two sections if you want, those who still copy the characters original design and thereby doing accurately portray the character even if they are an opposite sex (this is often the version I try and go for only changing small details to make it more feminine). The other being where people are more creative with there genderbends and change the design to be completely different from the original, either to add sex appeal, making the character more masculine or feminine, or making a sibling version of the character (this is the version you seen more often than the one I went with my Hellgirl). Neither one is more correct than the other it is solely down to the cosplayer in which direction they want to go and what they are trying to achieve or even what they fell more comfortable doing.”
Why choose to genderbend Hellboy?
“I chose to do a genderbent Hellboy for many reasons. The first was my love for the character and movies. The second being that I unfortunately do not have the body type to do a convincing crossplay. Lastly because I think it would take an extremely talented person to make any female look anywhere like Ron Perlman. I don’t have those skills so I decided to do a female version, so Hellgirl.”
Cat’s Tail, works as a Geoinformatics Systems Technologist that analyses geographical data. Her cosplay journey also began in research when she looked at gender roles within the nerd/geek community for her honours degree in Anthropology in 2013.