Fancon 2017 – Cosplayers Under 1 Flash – Zoiks

The Cosplay at this year’s Fancon2017 were a grand affair. We took a trip down Cape Town’s promenade to the CTICC to capture them in their element.

Since I started the Cos We Play Project in 2014 the community keeps growing and maturing. I am sure our celebrity guest’s Calssara and Kinpatsucosplay would agree.

As has become our “Under 1 Flash” convention, I underexpose the image so that a single flash is the only light source.

On the horizon we have a fancon2017-video coming up where we asked the question “have you ever been harassed in cosplay?”. This has been a topical discussion in South Africa and I am sure the international community grapples with this daily.

We would also like to encourage you to join our Patreon page — COS WE PLAY PROJECT. The donations will go toward upgrading our gear and paying for us to get to conventions. If $1 too much bang for your buck we would greatly appreciate a follow on our social media pages where you can find our doccies, music videos and photoshoots.

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